10 Reasons To Be Happy For The Day When We Will Not Need Printer Drivers

With the advent of handheld or portable devices such as the laptops and notepads, driverless printing comes in to respond to printing problems of these devices. Printing files sure can be a hassle. Setting up a printer driver on your computer over and over again or transferring files for print through a USB or through a Bluetooth technology can be a nuisance, lagging behind other plans for the day or other customers in line availing of the print service.

No more nettlesome network cables, driverless printing allows Wi-Fi enabled mobile phones, laptops, other handheld devices and PC’s to print documents, emails, web contents and other files without installing and setting up a print driver. Common among offices, stores, airports and schools, this system works in a “server based computing environment,” in which the server does all the computing job to support printing tasks. Although the process differs depending on the service, for example, to print your email, you may forward it to an email assigned to your system and then, a response is sent to you containing a security code which you can enter on the keypad of the printer to release its print job.

Who doesn’t want such system? True, driverless printing has several advantages.

1. Speeds up print job. If you’re always on hurry and configuring a printer driver on your computer is often the reason for coming behind schedule in meetings, then driverless printing is the best remedy. Once the system is installed, there are fewer chances of interacting with the computer and the printer.

2. Security. Unlike transferring your files through your USB, which carries viruses, driverless printing ditches the risk of transporting viruses to other computers.

3. Print anywhere. Remote printing. Users can print even if he is not around the system’s premises. If you’re always traveling and you always forget to print that file to leave to your secretary then you don’t have to worry about it anymore. You can always print it while you’re on by air.

4. Minimizes bandwidth. Universal print driver (driverless printing) compresses your files, resulting to minimal bandwidth consumption. Hence increase in print job performance and network operation.

5. Minimal costs. Get rid of hiring an IT expert or printer support to work on your printing-related problems as driverless printing already ditches installation and configuration of printer drivers, which is the most common rant among users.

6. Monitor printer usage. This is ideal for offices as you would be able to track or fully account activities per user.

7. Restricts access. You can set the system to restrict access to specific users.

8. Works on all devices. Whether you’re using your mobile phone or your laptop, you can always print your files anytime.

9. Supports almost all document formats and works with any operating system.

10. And yes, the system is user-friendly.

Now, are there more reasons to frown when all your printing needs have been answered? With a driverless printing, you will truly have a great printing experience.

This Article is written by John C Arkin from MyOfficePortal the contributor of Office Supplies Information & Resources [http://www.myofficeportal.org/]. More information on the subject is at MyOfficePortal, and related resources can be found at
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