10 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Own Desktop Computer

More and more people are realizing the benefits of building their own custom build computer. To most people, how to build a computer sounds harder than it actually is. After all there isn’t much inside a computer case. There are plenty how to build a computer guides all over the internet.

So you ask why it is important to build your own computer. Here are some reasons why you should build your own PC.

• You save money

• You will be able to buy more quality parts for less or for the same as the pre-built computer.

• For less money than the store you can build a more powerful and faster computer.

• You choose which software installs on your PC.

• You always will have a copy of your Operating System if in case your hard drive gone bad (Windows Vista, Windows 7).

• It is easier to upgrade than the pre-built computer.

• The pre-built computer gets outdated and pretty much you need to be replace the entire PC because most pre-built computers are not designed to be upgraded.

• You get to know your newly built computer on a personal level.

• You get that sense of accomplishment when you done building and all are working.

• Lastly you get to show off your new computer and your friends think you are smarter than them.

Here is a quick story. I once bought a PC from one of the major electronic stores. I went home excited and hooked up the computer and to my dismay it was full of demo games and other software form other companies. This is a form of advertising for those companies.

Anyway I realized that if I open the computer case I would void the warranty. So I couldn’t upgrade this pre-built computer on my own until the warranty runs out or would have to bring the computer back to the store so they can charge me a fortune for upgrades.

That was it for me so I returned the computer. I went online and bought my computer parts to start building. The first smile came when the cost of all parts was lest that the pre-built PC. I saved 3 hundred dollars.

http://www.squidoo.com/how-to-build-a-desktop-pc”>building desktop computers for advice on choosing computer parts and step by step computer building guide.

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