3D Laptops In 2011

3D media has hit the big screens by storm. As of late a large number of films being created, especially animated ones, have been shot in 3D technology. Whether or not the new, flashy technology is a gimmick, or a feature here to stay has yet to be determined, but it is safe to say that so far the world loves it.

What’s not to like? With 3D technology you get much more immersed into what is happening on screen. You feel threatened while the bad guy charges towards you, happy as the little girl on screen reaches out to you, and excited as the quarterback throws the football 100 yards straight into your large popcorn! 3D movies have been a huge success, but what about 3D computer screens?

3D Laptops will start to hit the consumers laptop market in the year 2011. The question is: will they be a success, or a flop? It’s a valid question seeing as a large number of tasks done on laptops wouldn’t necessarily benefit from 3D visibility. Typing up your 500 word essay on Microsoft Word is going to be just as boring in 3D as it was in 2D, and filing your Excel Spreadsheets is also going to be equally mind numbing – or will it? We’ve seen Microsoft’s latest 2 operating systems (Windows 7 and Windows Vista) come packed with visual features we’ve never seen before. Things like Aero flip would look awesome in 3D! It’s easy to say when 3D laptops because a standard Microsoft will further take advantage of these technology advancements and further design their software to utilize 3D technology.

It’s too early to judge the impact 3D laptops will have on your computing experience now, but it’s not too early for you to get excited anticipating what will compliment the realism technology!

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