3D Printers, Almost Too Good to Be True

3D printers are a somewhat interesting and new technology, that actually manages to live up to a name that sounds too good to be true. We’re used to things that sound really cool but are actually a bit disappointing. You probably think that a 3D printer is a printer that can print a 3D diagram onto multiple pages, or convert them into 2D diagrams. Instead, 3D printers can actually print out a 3D model of something by actually forming it to make a quick prototype. The ability to actually do that with a printer is something that seems impossible, so it’s understandable when people underestimate what 3D printers actually are. Because they make it easier for more people to represent their ideas in a way that people can appreciate possibly.

It’s something to be proud of when a society produces a technology that other people don’t think is actually possible. Our developments in computerized 3D modeling, not just 3D printers but also other forms, is something to be amazed by, and proud of as a culture. The easier it is to produce 3D models, the easier it is to give people proper prototypes or mock ups so they can more easily conceptualize how something is intended to look.

Despite the power and the amazing things our brains can do, and they can do amazing things. In certain ways we’re very limited, when we get an early perception in our head it can be very hard to get the perception out of our heads. This means that when you’re proposing an idea if you can’t well represent it and people misunderstand what it’s going to look like when all is said and done they might say no to something they don’t like, but would actually like if they saw how it would turn out. It’s easier to find a way to work around the limitations of human minds than to try to force people to overcome our inherent limitations.

Not everyone is good at everything; some people aren’t great at the physical skills of creating a tangible model, however, with 3D printers, or other forms of computerized 3D modeling, means that it’s easier for people to make accurate 3D representations. It’s possible to create computer models, but some people can’t really see something unless they can pick it up and move it around and truly view it with their own eyes. 3D printers make it possible for more people to more easily represent their ideas without having to have the skills in making the models by hand. As impressive and frankly unreal 3D printers may sound, they have very real benefits and uses.

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