5 Reasons Floppies Flopped: Transfer Floppy Disks Now

Transfer floppy disks now to skip the failure that many users have faced when trying to keep them around.

Floppy disks (discs) first appeared in the late 1970s and became popular in the 1980s. It were the first device of their kind to hold and transfer memory from one computer to another. But there were some major problems with floppy disks that lead to their ultimate but not complete demise. Some of you are still using the prehistoric disks to this day. The fact that you still have your computer from 1985 is probably the only reason you are able to do so. Transferring it to CDs or hard drives will save you a lot of trouble to come. Here are 5 reasons the floppy flopped.

1. Durability and Sensitivity. Floppy disks were disks holding valuable information inside a well, floppy plastic material that inserted into your computer tower. They were as floppy as their name. They broke easily, were sensitive to heat, liquid and mold, and would crack under pressure.

2. Compactable. The first floppy ever produced was an 8 inch disk with a black casing. Granted they were thin, they eventually would become a lot to carry around and oddly shaped. Compare this to today’s minuscule flash drives or memory cards.

3. Memory space. The average floppy held 300 kb. Relate this to our devices in 2011 and it’s no wonder the floppy discs are obsolete. Another reason to transfer floppy discs is that you could store up to 50 on just one small memory CD or flash drive.

4. The CD-ROM or compact discs. In the mid-nineties when compact discs came out and started being used in newer computers people started realizing they were more up to date, resilient, held more memory, and offered more features.

5. USB flash drives, memory cards, and external hard drives. Transfer floppy discs for this reason alone. The before mentioned units of storage are overwhelmingly popular in today’s technology. They are compatible with almost any computer today and hold way more memory. Soon you won’t be about to transfer it because technology is changing so much, your dinosaur of a computer will be garbage in a few more years.

There are several places that will transfer onto CDs for you at a reasonable cost. Whether you have 100 or just one, you can send it away and have it back to you by the next week. Don’t let your floppy flop on you because if you wait too long to transfer floppy disks, you’ll end up regretting it. Floppy disk transfers only work if the floppy is in good condition. If it has been damaged before there is not much you can do to save your floppy disk from kicking the bucket. Make sure you can transfer your floppy disks to retrieve that important information before it’s too late. Floppies flopped for a reason, transfer them now!

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