5 Reasons to Virtualise Your IT Infrastructure

With any new technology, we naturally experience a fear of the unknown. By working with companies which use this technology we can help to reduce your levels of anxiety and give the answers you seek.

What does virtualisation actually entail and what are the top five benefits virtualising your IT infrastructure will bring to your SME or Corporate business.

Virtualisation can be defined as “without physical boundaries” In IT terms this can be applied to three specific areas: Application, Storage/Network and Hardware/Server virtualisation.

Hardware/Server virtualisation are one and the same: To have multiple “virtual” servers running within the environment of one physical server, thus creating a virtual server environment. The capability of a server to accommodate virtual servers is restricted only by the capabilities of the physical box such as Processor speed, core density, number of processors and storage space within the hard drives.

Network/Storage Virtualisation, means that many physical devices are brought together and administered within a single environment. This allows for total management from a single administrative terminal. Storage devices are included within this environment and all storage devices and relevant storage media, operate without any issues.

Application Virtualisation is achieved in different ways. Applications can be stored on the server and then used virtually at each terminal as required for each individual user, (virtual application streaming).

Here are the top five reasons to virtualise your IT Infrastructure.

Cost Saving – less expenditure on equipment such as servers, lower power consumption costs, less equipment maintenance costs, time savings for system management and less staff to manage the system.

Smaller Physical Footprint – no need for a dedicated server space, or multiple pieces of equipment. Use more of your designated floor space for additional frontline services such as production facilities or personnel.

A Greener solution – companies need a Green policy as part of their business plan. Virtualisation gives this via, less power consumption, less machines, less raw materials, less redundant machines for recycling, less physical space giving a lower “carbon footprint”.

Improved Network Control – a single point of administration, backup and troubleshooting. An overview of your network allows for total control over individual components within the network should problems occur.

Improved Hardware and Software Performance – hardware/software will operate on a cross platform basis without conflicts, irrespective of the software operating system.

Virtualisation: A simple, cost effective evolution of your network infrastructure.

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