5 Tactics for SAN Storage Cost Reduction

A storage area network (SAN) never stops evolving. To keep up with the company’s ever-changing enterprise storage needs, the IT Director, CIO, or Storage Administrator must regularly purchase new SAN equipment to expand or upgrade the system.

If you find yourself frustrated at the cost to store, manage and protect data, the following 5 guidelines can help you put yourself in a position to negotiate, reduce cost and afford world-class SAN storage infrastructure.

1. Buy Used and New-Overstock SAN Storage – Savings of 20-80% are to be found by leveraging used and new-overstock storage. Data center consolidations, cancelled deals and bankruptcy often push the latest technology into the used marketplace, giving IT managers a cost effective option for capacity upgrades, DR projects and tiered storage.

2. Assess Your Needs – Before you cut a purchase order, ask yourself and your team the tough question -Do you really need all new equipment? Sure, most organizations will need new equipment for mission critical data – perhaps 20%, but that leaves the other 80% unaccounted for. Consider options such as replacing small drives with large drives in legacy arrays, swapping out the controllers and used storage arrays as options to reduce costs.

3. Minimize Capacity – When buying from the manufacture, consider buying a minimum configuration, allowing you to purchase new-overstock or used upgrades to complete the capacity requirements. By using this technique you should expect savings of 30-50%. Not every solution can use this strategy, but it’s worth exploring.

4. Use Multiple Vendors – You know the saying about putting all your eggs in one basket. Use a two-vendor strategy, or, if you have to use only one vendor, buy used, overstock, or new-surplus SAN storage from time to time to keep the manufacture on his toes.

5. Check alternative manufacturers – EMC, IBM, HP, HDS and others are all authorized to sell Brocade SAN equipment, and Brocade can sell it to you directly. By exploring your options to source things like Brocade and CISCO MDS SAN infrastructure you can put budget dollars back in your pocket or use the savings to supersize the configuration.

Over the past 12 years, Reid Smith-Vaniz has worked in information technology helping mid-size to Fortune 500 companies select the right combination of IT hardware, software and services to automate and simplify IT operations. Reid is the CEO and co-founder of Reliant Technology. Founded in 2007, Reliant Technology helps IT professionals save up to $1M through quality new & refurbished data storage from EMC, IBM, NetAPP and Hitachi. To learn more ways on how to cost-effectively upgrade and enhance your shared storage infrastructure and more on
http://www.reliant-technology.com/”>SAN storage, visit

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