5 Ways to Dispose of Your Ink Cartridges

Cheap ink cartridges are very useful because they allow you to enjoy all the benefits of printing on your home printer in good quality without the added cost. However, what should you do with them when the ink comes to an end? Here is a quick guide to five possible ways to dispose of them.

1. Throw Them Away

You can always throw your cheap ink cartridges away in the bin when they come to an end, and this is perhaps the quickest and easiest thing to do. However, it is certainly not the most recommended way to get rid of your cartridges. Firstly, you are not helping the environment by adding to the amount of waste in landfill sites, and secondly, there are other much more efficient options.

2. Donate Them

There are many places where you can donate your used ink cartridges. Cheap ink cartridges can be refilled with ink and used again so that you or someone else can get more life out of them rather than disposing of them. You can even help to support a charity by doing so, as many charities collect empty cartridges and then sell them to raise funds. This means you are doing something good because the plastic will be used again rather than just being binned.

3. Get Them Refilled

There are kits that you can buy yourself which actually help you to get your cartridges refilled. These can be found at some stationery stores, and you can even find services willing to refill them for you. Look around and see what is available in your area as this could be a good economical option.

4. Recycle Them

Once an ink cartridge has been refilled too many times, you may have to stop refilling it. However, don’t throw it away because instead you can recycle it. Try to look for schemes in your area for old ink cartridges as this can help you to do something good for the environment.

5. Sell Them

You may be able to make some money from your used cartridges. Just as you could donate them to a charity, you could sell them to a company which will refill them and sell them on again. This could be a great way to make your cheap ink cartridges even cheaper. You may even want to take them back to the place where you bought them to get a discount on your next ones.


Dispose of Your Ink Cartridges Carefully

It is important to dispose of your
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