8 Flash Drive Uses

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock the last 10 years either owns one or has heard of them. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can be molded into just about anything you could dream of. Here are some of the most interesting uses for USB thumbdrives:

1. Backing up your files is extremely important these days. What happens if your hard drive melts down again, right in the middle of a project? Thumbdrives can really “save the day!” Choose from as small as 128MB to as large as 128GB!

2. Storing your pictures and videos from the last vacation to Fiji. Well, it may not have been Fiji, but you get the point. Even with Facebook, Flickr, and others, it’s always best to keep a third party backup that can’t be compromised by hackers. Plus, even with privacy controls, how do you know that other people aren’t looking at your bikini pics on Maui?

3. If you’re still into PC gaming like I am, you realize the importance of having your saved games being backed up on an external drive. Perhaps you remember floppies? Worry no longer! Now with USB drives you can access literally millions of saved games all with a drag and drop function.

4. Sometimes you need to reboot your system. Forget the floppy or CD, just use the tiny overpriced USB that you bought at Wal-Mart last week. It is small, convenient, and works great

5. Use your thumbdrive as an MP3 player at work. Don’t hog up valuable storage space or piss off your boss. Just put your music on the USB, listen to it at work, and take it home. Get a wireless headset and you’re set!

6. Do you have a medical issue? Something that requires certain care if you’re unconscious? Many companies are providing medical IDs on keychains using USB thumbdrives. All the data is inside, and what hospital in the US doesn’t have a computer with a USB port? You can purchase them many places or buy your own make your own necklace.

7. Maybe you want to tweak your computer’s performance, software, or hardware. Put all your super important files on the USB and worry no longer!

8. Promoting and marketing your company with USB thumbdrives is a great way to provide a valuable and practical (not throw away) product that your clients can enjoy. How many mugs do have in your cabinet that you don’t use? How many pens in the “junk” drawer. But how many USBs do you see that aren’t being used? When your client puts their important files on the USB they aren’t just going to throw it away. Each and every time they use the USB they will see your logo. Now THAT’S good marketing.

If you’d like to view all the links and images of where to purchase high quality USB products for your business or personal use, please go to my original Blog post. If you’d like to add to the list please contact me!

Stephen Peters

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