8 Tips To Help You Print Great Photos

When you take photos, you want to make sure that when you print them out they look great. You can have a good quality camera, but if the printing is poor, the result is photos that you will not want to look at, much less share! Most people opt to have their photos printed by professionals because they do not think they can handle this task at home. Fortunately, by following some simple tips, you can print good quality photos too.

1. Size of print

The size of the photos will affect the quality of the print. Your computer may allow you to print photos of any size but you need to consider the pixels in the image in order to get high quality prints. Make sure that you follow instructions that will give you quality prints.

2. Auto-correct

Use the auto-correction feature on your printer to produce quality photos. Printers like the Canon Pixma have an auto fix feature that can allow you to ensure that you get perfect pictures every time.

3. Choosing ink

Make sure that you choose ink that is the same brand as your printer. By purchasing Canon cartridges for your printing, you can be sure of getting good quality photos. These inks are designed for use with the printers and are tested to ensure that they work effectively with these printers.

4. Photo paper

The paper you choose will affect the quality of your photos. It is important to use photo paper when printing your photos. Regular paper absorbs ink resulting in poor colors and images. Photo paper comes in different types from glossy to matte paper. The brand of paper you use is also important because manufacturers produce paper that is optimized to be used with their printers.

5. Print settings

Make sure that you check the print settings, and ensure that the paper is in the correct position before you print. There is a specific side where the print appears and you should also make sure that you change the settings to suit the type of paper you are using.

6. Cleaning the printer

Make sure that you maintain the printer regularly to ensure that the nozzle is clean and unclogged. Use the printer on a regular basis to prevent the ink from drying or clogging.

7. Preview the photo

Make sure that you know what you are printing. Having a preview screen will allow you to select the photos that you want to print. You can choose the best photos or those that display the images in the best way.

8. Edit the photos

Most photo printers allow you to edit photos before you print them. This feature is very important as it helps you to get rid of anything that can spoil the photos, such as red-eye or cropping. The feature also allows you to adjust the brightness or contrast to get the desired results.

There are a number of photo-only printers in the market and it is important to note that the quality of the printer will determine the quality of the photos. Invest in a good printer so that you can achieve the desired results!

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