9 Easy Tips to Prolong the Battery Life of Your Netbook

A netbook is created to be portable so in order to assist you, it has to have a longer battery life. You can actually apply the following 9 simple tips to prolong its lifespan so that you do not have to replace the battery frequently or worse, get a new netbook.

1. Unplug additional hardware

Unless you are using the hardware, otherwise additional hardware such as your USB should be removed when you are using your netbook. You do not want these devices to draw away the power from the battery, leaving less for your own use.

2. Upgrade your battery

It is really not expensive to upgrade your netbooks battery to a bigger and more powerful one. By upgrading, you are ensured of many more hours of use.

3. Avoid multi-masking

If you can avoid it, prevent multi-tasking on your computer because that is going to use up a lot of your batterys power.

4. Dim the screen setting

Unless you are working in a very dark area, otherwise there is absolutely no need for you to turn the screen light up. You can always make use of external lighting to help you read the screen. Dimming the screen setting will help in using less of your battery’s energy.

5. Increase RAM

Besides making your computer run faster, increasing the RAM of your netbook can actually help to prevent excessive use of the battery’s energy.

6. Turn off unnecessary tools

If you are not connected to wifi, you will not need to use your Bluetooth. As such, make sure you turn it off so that you do not overuse the electrical power.

7. Turn off unnecessary applications

Background applications that are not in use should not be turned on as they are also wasting your batterys power.

8. Avoid use of speakers

If possible, use the headphones instead of the speakers on your netbook when you are listening or watching some programmes on your computer.

9. Regular cleaning of battery contacts

You should also ensure that the battery contacts are clean so that your computers battery power can be maximized.

Like most people, you would definitely want your netbooks battery life to last as long as possible. As such, ensure that you make an attempt to apply the techniques mentioned above.

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