9 Myths About Refurbished SAN Storage Equipment

With many IT departments being forced to work on a shoestring budget, IT directors are continually searching for new way to cut costs and maintain quality. A major capital expense in the IT budget is often enterprise storage, and for good reason — SAN storage equipment is expensive. If you are thinking about leverage refurbished or used SAN storage equipment to cut costs and have questions or preconceived notions, you are not alone.

9 Myths About Refurbished SAN Storage Equipment:

1. It’s old – Many people assume that refurbished SAN equipment is old, but nothing could be further from the truth. You will be surprised at how many current generation systems and upgrades are available, such as 15,000 rpm fibre channel drives, 8Gbps Controllers and large SATA drives — you just need to know where to look.

2. It’s used – Would you be surprised to learn that much of the refurbished SAN hardware that is being sold may have never been used at all? Latest generation product comes from a variety of places, including cancelled deals, bankruptcies or liquidation event. It could be newer than what you are currently running in your datacenter!

3. The vendor selling it doesn’t know storage – Many times this is the case; however, there are a small handful of companies that focus exclusively on helping end-users tackle growth, capacity and recovery requirements with used SAN storage. Make sure you find a company that focuses 100% on used SAN storage.

4. It’s going to break soon – Quality storage providers know that satisfied customers mean repeat business, so it is in the reseller’s best interest to sell only high-quality products. The best resellers typically back their equipment with a warranty that pays you if the equipment breaks.

5. It can’t be supported – Manufacturers live and breathe off maintenance revenue and they want your business, even if it’s just for the maintenance. If you aren’t satisfied with the pricing, there are always 3rd party warranty options available – both 4 hour 24×7 onsite and off-site.

6. It doesn’t have a warranty – Not true. Would you be surprised to learn that many refurbished storage products actually have remaining warranty that can be transferred? In addition, professionals back their products with a 1 year warranty.

7. It won’t save me much money after maintenance is figured in – If saving 20-90% on a project is not enough to pay for maintenance, then you have another issue on your hands!

8. It’s against company policy – Why? That’s a question that needs to be addressed. Don’t let a policy go unvisited – it could save the company enough money to help save jobs and invest in new projects – now that’s one practice most companies will not object to!

9. It’s not backed by any service or knowledge – In 95% of cases you would be correct, but there are a few experts out there who are ready to help and have the expertise, knowledge and client base to prove it.

If you are considering including refurbished hardware in your data storage architecture, contact a SAN reseller that specializes in used SAN storage to get some real answers to your questions. You may find yourself saving tens of thousands of dollars on your next storage purchase.

Over the past 12 years, Reid Smith-Vaniz has worked in information technology helping mid-size to Fortune 500 companies select the right combination of IT hardware, software and services to automate and simplify IT operations. Reid is the CEO and co-founder of Reliant Technology. Founded in 2007, Reliant Technology helps IT professionals save up to $1M through quality new & refurbished data storage from EMC, IBM, NetAPP and Hitachi. To learn more ways on how to cost-effectively upgrade and enhance your shared storage infrastructure and more on
http://www.reliant-technology.com/”>SAN storage, visit

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