A Brief Discussion on Microcontroller Programmer and AVR Development Kit

Are you interested in studying and learning microcontrollers? Are you looking forward to convert your age old digital based design to something which is based on micro controller? If yes and you need to know about these devices and system in detail then you are in the right place. Go through the brief discussion about the microcontroller programmer and get inspired:

Steps and Tips

Here are some of the steps and tips which you need to get started with this programming system:

• Your Ability and Knowledge: It needs to be stated that being a master in C programming is not sufficient. However, you must have the ability to analyze a problem statement and solve it. This is what you would need most when you will work on any microcontroller system.

• Software and Hardware: A combination of software and hardware makes a microcontroller based embedded system. A Microcontroller is nothing but a small IC and forms the hardware of a system. This tiny chip, which is known as microcontroller, can store a preset program into it. This is what is known as the software.


• A Temperature Sensor

• A Microcontroller

• 5V DVC Voltage regulator

• A 16 chars by 2 lines

Once you have these components with you, you are ready to go

AVR Development Kit

A development Kit of AVR includes the following. Have a look on them:

• EasyAVR v7 Development System

• SmartPROTO Board

• mikroBasic PRO for AVR compiler with USB Dongle License

• Character LCD 2×16 with blue backlight

• EasyConnect Board

• Graphic LCD 128×64 with Touch Panel

• DS1820 Temperature Sensor

• Plastic Pen for Touch Panel

• USB cable

• Printed manuals

• Serial Cable

Different types of AVR Starter Kits

• AVR Dragon ICE with STK200 AVR Board: It is easy to use, expandable and flexible. It is a very handy kit when it comes to development and training.

• AVR Dragon ICE with STK300 AVR Board: This kit too is very useful for providing training and it offers a comprehensive package.

• USB STK200 AVR Starter Kit: It is the most widely sold kits and out of other AVR kits, this one has proved to be the most successful one.

• USB STK200 AVR Starter Kit: This starter kit comes with a USB programmer which is designed for ATmega128 and other microcontrollers.

• AVR STK200 Starter Kit Parallel Port:

This too has a heavy demand in the market. As a starter kit it has turned out to be a huge success. It is among the most widely sold starter kits.

• AVR ATmega128 Microcontroller Starter Kit – Parallel Port: A very useful kit for training and development works.

In case you are willing to upgrade and improve your skills on embedded system and microcontroller design or need some assistance to complete any of your project, this system can be of immense for you. Despite of the fact that you and your needs might belong to different categories, you seem to be having the same system. You all have the same objective, which is to Learn and Master Microcontroller design

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