A Brief Look at Linux Servers

Servers are an essential part of the computing environment for many businesses, and they are beginning to be more important in homes as well. Though they may use the same hardware as client computers, their work has different characteristics. Following is a look at the picture for Linux servers.

Client computers are directly used by people. Servers are computers that provide services to one or more, usually more, client computers. They may be located in the same building as the clients, or far away. For example, web servers on the Internet can provide service to computers all over the world.

Linux is an operating system that runs in many hardware environments. It is a classic example of open source software developed primarily by volunteers and is available free of charge. Though the client environment is dominated by Microsoft Windows, it can be used in that environment. It is very popular as an OS for servers, though it is not as dominant as Windows on the desktop. A recent study found that about 60% of the web sites on the Internet were running it.

It is considered to be less resource hungry than Windows. This means that a given application and workload requires less hardware to run effectively under it than it would if the system was using Windows. It is also free software, which can result in significant cost savings in cases where multiple systems are required.

Critical mass is another reason for its dominance in this environment. Since there are already a lot of Linux systems, there are a lot of people available with the skills required to support them. This has also led to the development of a lot of software for this environment.

It is clearly not the only choice. In some cases, constraints may require the selection of a different OS. However, its efficiency and critical mass has led to the dominance of Linux servers in many areas.

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