About the Sun Fire T2000 Server

Though it has reached its end-of-life by its manufacturer, the Sun Fire T2000 Server is still highly sought after by organizations because of its reputation as as an eco-friendly workhorse. Designed for demanding applications such as Web 2.0 and databasing, the Sun T2000 boasts an impressive array of specifications: 32 simultaneous threads, 64 gigabytes of main memory, more than 500 gigabytes of internal disk storage, up to 8 kilobytes of primary data cache, and 3 megabytes of integrated Level 2 cache.

The Sun Fire T2000 is notable for its use of Sun Microsytems’ CoolThreads processing technology, which reduces energy consumption considerably through simultaneous threading. The T2000 is equipped with Sun’s UltraSPARC T1 processor, which, at the time of its launch, offered the highest throughput and most energy efficiency of all time. Aside from its eco-friendliness, the Sun T2000 was also heralded for its space-saving design.

When it was introduced to the IT marketplace, the Sun T2000 was highly praised by industry professionals. Calling it not “your daddy’s server,” InfoWorld.com said the Sun T2000 brings “higher processing power into a smaller chassis, but with an important twist.” NetworkComputing.com concluded: Sun has tapped into something smart here, given the high cost of keeping data centers cool and the need to maximize space without sacrificing performance.”

http://www.acclinet.com/sun-products/sun-t2000-server.asp”>Sun T2000, which is 2U, was introduced in December 2005 and reached its EOL in November 2009. Sun Microsystems also developed the Sun Netra T2000 Server, which is geared toward telco applications such as web serving, media gateway controlling, IP traffic management and MMS/SMS/unified messaging.

Since the Sun Fire T2000 is no longer orderable through Sun (now Oracle) directly, it can only be purchased through resellers.

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