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Being on social media comes with several pre-requisites. One of them includes being active and frequently posting on all the social media handles. Using a hashtag is essential in building a good profile, but guessing and putting the right ones is another big task. In this case, the free hashtag generator comes to the rescue. A generator based on AI is used to create hashtags every time a person posts on their social media handles by analyzing either a picture or a link.

Basics to use
Some basics to remember while using the free hashtag generator which an individual should keep in mind are the following:
• They should always start with #. Leaving a space or a symbol between the character and the letters will lead to the failure of hashtags that an individual is trying to use.
• It is imperative to use the hashtags with a public account, they won’t be seen to the targeted audience, and the purpose of using them will also fail.
• It is recommended not to use too many hashtags in a single post as it will turn out to be spammy.
• Always use specific and relevant hashtags, or else they won’t be used by other people who use social media.
• Never use a lot of string words together as it is easy to remember and extremely short.
What are the results of using a hashtag?
The captivating results after using free hashtag generator are:
• New traffic is boosted as well as driven with proper use of hashtags
• Around 500 new posts are generated with the use of a branded hashtag
• Original followers are boosted in 2-3 months
To contact
For all the related queries and information, an individual can contact the customer support by calling or sending a mail mentioned on their website.
Thus, people who are interested in enhancing and wanting to create a good reach with their posts on their social media handles should try and use a free hashtag generator.
Reference links: https://ingramer.com/tools/instagram-hashtag-generator/

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