5 Tricks to Make Printing at Home Even Simpler

Printing at home has never been easier. High-quality printers using Canon ink cartridges and other types of cartridge are now much cheaper than they used to be, allowing more people than ever to have their own printer in their homes. However, if you find that printing your documents and images at home is not as […]

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32 Bit PCI Slots – Explaining the Different Types of PCI Expansion

As PCI Slots has grown to become the default expansion technology for industrial applications, so have the variety of available PCI Slot technologies. It’s easy to be confused by the number standards. Let’s look at each and see what they do. The best industrial computers offer a combination of these expansion slots to accommodate a […]

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12 Reasons There Will Always Be A Market For Fixed POS

Scouring the Internet you can easily find an overabundance of vendors making a case for the mobile POS system. Some even cite that 36 percent of all systems (point of sale) will make way for the new technology. However, what we do not hear about is how many of those devices will businesses return, because […]

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